Natal *-*

Festa de natal aqui em casa, tava to lindo, pena que no consegui capitar tudo pra mostrar, mas tava lindo, escuro com velas e ahhhh


essa foi a que eu fiquei melhor, o.o

eu quee arrumei *-*

tambem fui eu

a ju que arrumou


eu que arrumei

tive que aguenta a re aqui, brinks

e eu mesmo fui mimir

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15, Agdenes

I'm Lau. music, tea every single day, staying up l8, sleeping till 6, rainy evenings, indie films, pearls always, painted nails, blonde hair, warm embraces, moccasins, texting, acting like a fag wiff , freezing toes, sweet fifteen, attempting to pass,my big sissy, pictures on every occassion, Brazil, temporary, watching the night sky, poetry, good books, blogging till dawn,FALL, repetition, half baked icecream, silly faces, having the best days, curitiba, my guy ;) ,being free, cold weather, he, my baby bird gin, prank calls, annoying people, 4:45 every morning. No love, no hate. Just here and now.

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